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Instagram introduces IGTV, a long Format Video App

Social Media

Instagram introduces IGTV, a long format video app Instagram introduces IGTV was the headline news yesterday on most Social Media news websites. In total 90’s style, here’s how the launch would have sounded. “Have you ever wanted to share that cool 2 minutes plus epic video clip you made on your phone on but couldn’t share it on Instagram? Or wished that hilarious video you watched on Instagram be a little extra long to get the laughter out of your system? Well, the long wait is over![Dramatic, Bollywood pause…..] Now with Instagram’s IGTV, you can be your own video director, producer and actor! IGTV – Instagram TV!” Okay, I’ll admit, that’s one of the lamest introductions ever. I digress. Instagram just announced the launch of their long-format video app called IGTV. Here are a few highlights from the event. Credit to C|Net. What is a long Format Video? “What are…