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Essential Elements of a Good Website Design

Web Design

Essential elements of a good website design. A few weeks ago I sat in an interview with a potential client. One of the interview questions they asked was “what makes a good website design?” I was thrown off a little by this question but eventually answered it in the best possible way I could. Here’s the short version answer to this question. A good website design tells visitors who you are, what you do and what you can do for them. If your website’s design is not set up with these answers then failure is lurking. Your website design should also resonate with your visitors – appeal to their eyes and guide them with ease. Your website should also be optimized to be found in search engines and be viewed properly on multiple devices. The following are the essential elements of a good website design. 1. A stunning home page…

Facebook F8 2019: The updates to affect Online Marketing in Zambia

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp

Facebook F8 2019 updates and how they affect Online Marketing in Zambia. Facebook had its annual F8 conference which first launched in 2007 as an 8 hour hackathon – hence, F8. The conference was initially designed to encourage developers to create tools centered on Facebook. It has since evolved to be more of Facebook’s announcements events with breakout sessions on topics announced. And Facebook F8 2019 had a plethora of announcements focused on the Future being private. These include Facebook’s mobile app and desktop re-design, introduction of Messenger Desktop app, changes on WhatsApp Businesss, Instagram and more. All the updates to come this year are themed around Facebook’s privacy upgrades. So, let’s dive into some of the major announcements and how they affect online marketing in Zambia. Facebook mobile app and desktop website redesigned around Groups, Stories and Events. Coined FB5 (version 5 of Facebook), the new design promises to…

5 Reasons why your Facebook Ads suck and how to fix it

Facebook Advertising, Social Media

5 Reasons why your Facebook Ads Suck and how to fix it Let’s face it, most Facebook Ads suck! And that includes yours too. And if I am being honest, so do mine – at times. And before you get offended, borrowing Longman’s dictionary’s definition, here’s what I mean. Most Facebook Ads perform poorly that we end up not liking them or even think that they work. Essentially, we get the life sucked out of us because we are not getting the results we want. In this article, we will look at 5 reasons why your Facebook Ads suck and what you can do to fix this problem. Without Further ado, let’s jump right in. 1. Your strategy for Advertising on Facebook is misplaced One of the reasons why your Facebook Ads suck is that you have the wrong strategy or perhaps none at all. We need to remember that…

Why you should be using Ads Manager instead of the Boost button for your Facebook Adverts

Facebook Advertising, Social Media

Why you should be using Ads Manager instead of the Boost button for your Facebook Adverts If you are a business then you probably have a Facebook page – either a personal one or one for your business. If not, then you should. Why? Among other reasons, there are 1.9 Million Zambians actively using the Social Media platform. That’s 1.9 Million potential customers your business can offer products and services to. If, however, you are on Facebook but not advertising, well, then we need to talk. Seriously. We need to talk. If you have a Facebook page set up, then you’ve probably gotten one or two notifications that read something like “People are boosting posts like yours to reach more people”. In this article, you will learn about why you should be using Ads Manager instead of the Boost button to advertise on Facebook. I will show you the differences…

Instagram introduces IGTV, a long Format Video App

Social Media

Instagram introduces IGTV, a long format video app Instagram introduces IGTV was the headline news yesterday on most Social Media news websites. In total 90’s style, here’s how the launch would have sounded. “Have you ever wanted to share that cool 2 minutes plus epic video clip you made on your phone on but couldn’t share it on Instagram? Or wished that hilarious video you watched on Instagram be a little extra long to get the laughter out of your system? Well, the long wait is over![Dramatic, Bollywood pause…..] Now with Instagram’s IGTV, you can be your own video director, producer and actor! IGTV – Instagram TV!” Okay, I’ll admit, that’s one of the lamest introductions ever. I digress. Instagram just announced the launch of their long-format video app called IGTV. Here are a few highlights from the event. Credit to C|Net. What is a long Format Video? “What are…

6 Things to consider before designing a new website

Inspiration, Web Design

6 Things to consider before designing a new website Designing a new website for your business can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have no prior web design experience. Getting to know the nitty gritty of what to consider will help in the process of bringing your business online. Here are 6 things to consider before designing your new website: 1. Define your purpose for the site and goals to be achieved. Your design, navigation, and content should be driven by a purpose that aligns with your audience and your goals. And this means, having clarity on what your business stands for and who you are trying to communicate to and turn into a customer. You will have to decide from the onset the ultimate purpose of the website. Will it be used to generate more leads, create more awareness, or perhaps used to educate your prospects? 2. Consider having…