Mimshach Engineering Consultants

Mimsach Engineering Consultants


We developed the Mimshach Engineering Consultants websites after bidding against other designers. Our quote was the highest, but got the job as we understood what the client needed. 360nx Designs got the brief and translated into what the client required. We branded the website with the client’s corporate colors, adopted from their company profile. Mimshach Engineering Consultants’ corporate colors inspired the green look. The website is an great example that uses a color-theme from the company’s colors. Imagery on the website make it visually attractive and speaks of how professional the company is.

The engineering consultancy firm has positioned itself as the ‘go-to’ organization for all your civil and electrical consultancy. You can be assured of a great user experience as you browse this website. We crafted the website’s theme to represent any corporate organization in the construction business. This covers consultancy, project management and other engineering services. Inspired by the design? Get in touch today for a Proposal and Quote.


Mimshach Engineering Consultants
October 26, 2018
Lusaka, Zambia
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