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The Center Point Investments limited website is one of the sites we developed quickly. We designed and launched the site in exactly two weeks from the time we pitched. The Center Point Management was courteous enough to share all the relevant content in good time. We designed this responsive website with mobile devices in mind. Mostly because the client was keen on how that they are always on the move and constantly communicating with their clients. Their clients would want to check out their website on the goal. Therefore, we made it a point to have the Center Point Investment website be mobile friendly.

We took it a notch further to write copy for the site to position the business as the authority in their industry. Our copy-writing strategy meant that we had to make the site Search friendly to rank top in Google Searches. We made sure that the site will have Search Engine Optimization as one of the key factors.

The Center Point design took visual imagery of what the business does – Transportation of goods by road. A lot of the images used (a combination of stock and client’s photos) reflect what the business does. The company handles logistics and cargo transportation. Established in 2013, this Zambian company has a large fleet of European manufactured vehicles. These include, but not limited to VOLVO, SCANIA, DAF, MERCEDES, etc. Their focus on heavy-lifting and dimensional cargo gives them an edge to compete globally.


Center Point Investments Limited
August 8, 2018
Lusaka, Zambia
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