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Kleen 2 Perfection
Kleen 2 Perfection


Kleen 2 Perfection is a clean responsive website that is subtle in the use of the brand colors. The client’s corporate colors of Blues and Reds was relatively used in the design. We also worked on the copy to help create ‘Google-worthy‘ content for the client. Kleen 2 Perfection is a Lusaka based cleaning and fumigation company. They offer various cleaning services for both individuals and companies. The energy helped us close on the design of the website within days. They are a sure fun-bunch – makes sense why they are in the cleaning business. If you are looking for cleaning services in Lusaka, then their website is a must visit. You can check them out and if you intend to have a website done, you can check out some of the elements on their site.


Kleen To Perfection Ltd (K2P)
October 5, 2018
Lusaka, Zambia
Wordpress, Photoshop
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