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Micro Finance Zambia Limited


We were engaged to re-design the Micro Finance Zambia website. The task was quite involving as we needed to give a 360 face-lift for a site that was carrying the old brand. What this meant was that the task at hand was urgent as everything else had been re-branded, except the website. Brand identity, being key, we designed the Micro Finance Website to reflect the new CI. This meant, that our colors, from the look to the call to actions, were to be uniform.

At the helm of the development was the use of WordPress to empower our client to be able to edit the site on their own. Which means that even without prior web design experience, one can easily update their site. The Micro Finance website highlights the company’s services in providing financial services for both individuals and Small to Medium Enterprises. Need a site for your business? Give us a shout today!


Atlas Mara Micro Finance Zambia Limited
Lusaka, Zambia
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