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Professional Email Hosting forSmall Businesses

Get yourself and your staff professional email addresses that match your business like yourname@yourbusiness.com. Enjoy custom email accounts at only K3,250 (30% off for your first year)!

Emails as professional as your business

Look Professional

Have a professional looking email that ends in your business name. You are sure to let your customers and partners know that you mean serious business.

Build Trust

Build credibility with your customers by having all your staff with email addresses from a custom domain that matches your business name.

Expand your Business

Easily connect to your favourite mail tools such as Outlook, Apple Mail and more. Improve productivity by synching up your emails with your mobile phone.

Festive Email Hosting offer 360nx Designs affordable Email hosting services

What you get with this Email hosting offer

Build credibility with your customers by having all your staff with email addresses from a custom domain that matches your business name.

Up to 10 Email Accounts for your staff and other parts of the business.
3GB storage space for each email account.
Free Web hosting – Have your website hosted on this plan

Ad-Free Email address – You will never see any pop-up Ads
Access your emails using Outlook, Gmail, your mobile phone or through webmail application – all in synch.

Cheap festive email hosting

    Frequently Asked Questions on our Festive Email hosting offer

    What is Email Hosting?

    Email hosting is a premium service in which a hosting provider rents out email servers to its users on their own domain. Not to be confused with free regular email providers such as Google and Yahoo, email hosting allows you to have email accounts for a registered domain of an organization or an individual. For example, yourname@yourbusiness.com.

    Does my email hosting plan include web hosting?

    All 360nx Designs email hosting plans include web hosting. That means, if you have a website or need a website done, it will be hosted on the same domain without any extra fees.

    How many email addresses do we get with this offer?

    Our festive email hosting offer allows for having 10 email accounts for you and other areas of the business.

    What is the space provided per Email account?

    Each email account comes with 3 GB space dedicated to emails. We advise to try and keep your emails below 3GB by always archiving them using applications like Outlook. If for some reason you exceed this limit, you’ll be bumped to a 25GB quota of which the bill will reflect on the renewal subscription the following year.

    Can I use Outlook with your email hosting?

    Yes, when you host your email with us, you can use any version of Microsoft Outlook to access and send your email. You may also use other POP3/IMAP clients including Apple Mail and more. Our Email Hosting offer also works with Android, iOS and other mobile devices that support POP3 and IMAP.

    What is the payment process?

    Our payment process is simple for this offer. You pay the yearly subscription via Bank Transfer, E-Wallet or Mobile Money and we will have your emails set up for you.

    What happens after one year of hosting on this offer?

    After 1 year, the web and email hosting will need to be paid as this is a year’s subscription. The domain name and email hosting renewal fee will be around 4,150 to K4,650 a year. This fee is affected by the dollar rate and the increase in size of each email account. We will send you an invoice a month before the subscription renewal date.

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