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Welcome to 360nx Designs

Hi, 👋 thanks for stopping by! I’m Ronald “Ronny” Mboma, Founder and creative director of all things digital at 360nx designs. Together with other creatives, we help small to large businesses succeed online.

We like to tie online success to business success. In other words, all our digital marketing goals and efforts are meant to support your overall business goals. We work with you to get under the surface of your business challenges and strategic goals. Because business results are at the core of what we do, we leave no room for guess work. The strategies, tactical executions and any piece of content we put out always has to be measured.

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Ronald Mboma
Founder & CEO

How we do things

We have a passion to produce work that matters – work that makes our clients stand out to make a dent in the digital sphere. To do so, we employ our three step process to produce “butt kicking” results.


Getting to know each other

This stage involves getting to find out if we’re a good fit for your business and vice-versa. Usually a 10-15 minutes phone conversation about your business, current marketing efforts and why you want our services. You can ask us questions too – and together, we’ll decide whether we can help.


Strategic Action Plan

If we discover that we can help, with your permission, we’ll review your business, spy on your competitors and analyse your target market. Working with you, we get under the surface of your business challenges and strategic goals.


Making it happen

After putting together the Strategic Action Plan, we show your business off online. We tactically execute and optimise all efforts, smashing all strategic goals to get you noticed and intriguing to do business with.

A bit about Ronny

Getting Started

I started 360nx Designs back in 2007 with the goal of changing the Internet landscape in Zambia. Going to Internet Cafes and saving web pages on a floppy disk and later on, flash disks (because we didn’t have an internet connection at home), I got fascinated to know how beautiful the websites I visited were created.  Back then, and in some cases, even now, a Zambian website had the Zambian flag colors, was non-responsive and just down right boring! I wanted to change the status quo! I wanted to create websites that looked like the ones I visited when I went online.

Magic lies in Collaborations

We believe in the art & synergy of working together. Collaborating with the best creatives and innovative minds in the business helps us push our brand and our clients’ forward. From owned projects like Skillz Den, ZambianPreneur, and to many client works, our collaborating partners make the work we do way better. We could not achieve what we have and continue to do so without them.