Digital Strategy

The first step in “butt-Kicking” your competitors

Digital marketing strategy is important to any business because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. Without it, you could be losing sight of your goals, missing opportunities and worse off, wasting money. Many times have we seen businesses make the mistake of blindly pouring money into the latest digital “thing”. They do this without a proper “why” that deals with their business’ objectives and goals.

At 360nx Designs, we work with you to get under the surface of your business challenges and strategic goals. We ask a lot of why questions to understand your customer’s motivations and behaviours. Equipped with this insight, we then develop a “hard-hitting” digital marketing strategy that has measurable results.

Our ideas and Data-driven digital strategies

We don’t just come up with the coolest idea and turn it into digital media, it needs more thought than that. It needs to be backed with data and insight. That’s where we come in – marrying data with creativity. The knowledge gathered about your customer’s journey helps us determine touch points in space and time where they are receptive to messaging.

It’s this measured research that feeds into how we use creativity and data to give your brand the edge. We get to determine the technology options that will best serve your brand to push it creatively and capture attention and create lasting customer connections. Our experience has revealed that complete digital marketing strategy comes only when designers, engineers and marketing strategists work together. And this plethora of talent is what 360nx Designs calls upon.

We take a 360° approach to digital marketing strategy, web design, SEO, Facebook and Instagram marketing. Our design aesthetic is adaptive and content-focused. Plus, the tactics we make are intuitive and responsive and remain strategically focused. That means we measure, produce business results and optimize – Quite a lot!